Sreehari Edamana


Cultural Marketing Strategist

Sreehari Edamana will oversee Brintindia’s marketing activities and business development responsibilities in the international markets. He is a seasoned commercial strategist and an international business professional based in France. He has also worked extensively in the entertainment industry (television channels, film production houses, etc.) as a risk consultant and is well versed with production activities. Having lived and worked in multiple international cities, he’s attuned to various multicultural intricacies and sensitivities.

As an arts aficionado, self taught content marketer and a talented dance photographer, Sreehari is poised to amalgamate his passion for the arts and his expertise in driving large scale international corporate projects by taking over the role of Cultural Marketing Strategist in Brintindia.

Sreehari has a Masters in International Business degree from the internationally renowned Grenoble Ecole de Management in France and also has an Accounting and Auditing degree from Mumbai University, India.